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Greetings from EcoVenture Travels, Tampa Bay's premier Adventure group!

We are an adventurous group of people who appreciate and respect the outdoors and all of the incredible ways to enjoy it! We support local businesses and we are conscious of our impact on the environment and do what we can to live a little more “green”. And did I mention that we are adventurous? Whether it’s kayaking along a beautiful river, enjoying an afternoon bike ride on a local trail or heading out for a weekend camping trip, we embrace opportunities to explore, and relish the time away from the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced modern world.

 As an EVT member we bring you closer to your next adventure by giving you access to great deals and special Perks at EVT featured businesses. These are all locally owned and operated businesses that are handpicked for their expertise in their respective fields, their involvement in the local community and their commitment to operating in an eco-conscious manner.


Graham Ervin
Graham is a Florida native who was born and raised in Gainesville. From as far back as he can remember, the outdoors and travel have been a big part of his life. From weekend camping trips at some of Florida's beautiful state parks and amazing springs to visiting countries overseas, he has developed a love for the outdoors. Through his life experiences he has become passionate about inspiring others to embrace a more active, outdoor lifestyle. This has led him on a journey from guiding white water rafts in North Carolina, educating families about local wildlife in Florida, running sports and PE programs for preschool and after school programs,to where he is today.

Emily Ervin

Emily was born and raised in Norwalk, Ohio. She grew up with a family who encouraged her to explore the great outdoors. At a young age her parents made experiencing nature a priority. She was allowed only 1 hour of television a day, so she had to create her own adventures outside. From climbing trees to creek stomping she learned to love nature’s wonders. Emily’s parents also made a point of showing her the importance of appreciating and understanding other cultures by traveling to a variety of places in North America. Emily was lucky enough to meet someone who shares her true passion for adventure. Graham really takes her out of her shell and helps her experience the outdoors in a whole new way!

Sean Welch
Goes by Hunt, Mike. Fluent in speaking piglatin and cries during romantic comedies

Aaron Golly
Aaron "Jolly" Golly AKA Aaron "good" golly- likes the feeling of little fishies nibbling at his feet and toes 


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